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Hogreat Hardware Enterprise is a professional manufacturer and supplier of bathroom accessories (sliding door accessories, hanging wheel), shower hinge, bathroom handle, glass connection, stair rail accessories, swimming pool accessories and other products. During these years, we strictly follow internationalized standards with a scientific quality management system. We try our best to provide customers with meticulous and comprehensive quality services, which are highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.



Hogreat Hardware

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Basic Guideline You Need to Know About Glass Railings

When it comes time to choose what railings you want to go with your project, there are a wide variety of choices for you to choose from. There are wrought iron railings that provide a strong look and feel to your project. Wooden railings provide a classic and timeless look to your project. However, one type of railing provides a modern and clean look while providing more safety and security. Glass railings provide a look that is clean and modern while still providing the safety and security you want. Glass railings are just what they sound like, panes of glass [...]

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Add an Elegant Touch to Your Bathroom with Glass Shower Doors

If you are looking to remodel or revamp your current bathroom, one of the best ways to make a big impact on the design and aesthetics of your bathroom is by switching to glass shower doors. Glass shower doors offer a wide range of benefits compared to cheaper shower curtains. If you still aren’t convinced, here is a list of the best benefits you will receive when you add a sense of elegance by installing glass shower doors in your bathroom. Looks Better One of the best things about installing a glass shower door is that it makes your bathroom look so [...]


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Hogreat Hardware

The fact that you are nice , practical and authentic! You are my best best best best sister, I really don’t know what can I do without you.

Ronald EL, importer, Malaysia

We also want to thank you once more for your kind hospitality and help during our visit to your company

Hector Ramiro, importer, Mexico

You are good guys, you deserve money, and good business, I’m happy to work with you.

Jaime Neptune, wholesaler, Lebanon

Your products are beautiful, I still want to buy from you because quality is good and we appreciate that so much.

Luis Ford, distributor, Colombia


Hogreat Hardware

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