If you are looking to remodel or revamp your current bathroom, one of the best ways to make a big impact on the design and aesthetics of your bathroom is by switching to glass shower doors. Glass shower doors offer a wide range of benefits compared to cheaper shower curtains. If you still aren’t convinced, here is a list of the best benefits you will receive when you add a sense of elegance by installing glass shower doors in your bathroom.

Looks Better

One of the best things about installing a glass shower door is that it makes your bathroom look so much better than if you stick to those plastic shower curtains. It makes everything in your bathroom look complete and permanent.

Easy to Budget for

When you are looking at your budget and the type of shower you want to install into your bathroom renovation project, you should be aware that there are two main options for your glass shower door; framed or frameless. If you are looking at a frameless door, your bathroom will transform with more elegance, but it will cost a pretty penny. If you have an unlimited budget, we recommend going with the frameless option, but if you need to stick to a budget, getting framed glass doors will still make your bathroom look amazing!

Flexible Options

Not only do glass shower doors come in framed or frameless options, you can also decide if you want them to be sliding or pivoting. Every bathroom has a different layout, so having one option over the other may work better for you, but no matter which you go with, it’ll make it so much convenient to get in and out of your shower compared to fussing around with those old plastic shower curtains.

Easier to Clean

As you are probably aware, cleaning plastic shower curtains is a hassle! When you switch to glass shower doors, this process is as simple as cleaning a window or mirror. Since bacteria don’t stick as easily to glass than it does plastic, you won’t have to clean your glass shower doors as often as your old shower curtain.

Easier to Maintain

If you go with the frameless option for your glass shower doors, you won’t have to do much to take care of them, other than cleaning them every so often! Since there are few parts involved, all you really have to worry about is the installation process, but if you hire a professional glass door installer, you will have the peace of mind that nothing will go wrong after the doors have been installed.

Adds Value to Your Home

Although your main goal for your bathroom renovation project might be to make your bathroom look better, when you add glass shower doors you are also adding value to your home when you decide to sell.

If you are looking to ditch your old plastic and dirty shower curtains, give the pros at Hogreat Hardware to hook you up with a new and elegant glass shower door! Visit our site to browse our selection and to request a free estimate today!

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